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Commissioner - cum - Secretary

Shri R. Vineel Krishna, IAS


Shri Naveen Patnaik

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Shri Chandra Sarathi Behera

Hon'ble Minister

Scheme of Weightage
In partial modification to this Department Resolution No - 9585 dtd. 21-11-1981 and No - 2164 dt. 6-7-96 the State Government in Sports & YS Department have formulated the Rule for giving similar weightage to the 34 disciplines for admission into Educational institutions and other purpose considering their level of participations in sports quota.Selection of candidates is to be made in the order as mentioned below in separate Selection list to be prepared for all three categories i.e. SC/ST, Girls, Boys (General). Preference will be given to the candidates securing positions in individual events followed by positions in Team events in different age groups i.e. Sub-Jr./Junior/Sr.Level competitions in the following manner ;(i) National level/Inter-State Open Sports Championship/Tournaments/Women Sports Festivals.

(ii)All India/National level/Zonal level/Inter University/Inter State Schools Sports Competitions/Rural Sports Competitions.

(iii) State level (Inter District Open)/Inter District Schools Sports/Inter District Rural Sports, Women Sports/ +2 Inter College State level Competitions.

N.B:Invitation competition/Exhibition Matches will not be taken into consideration.

(iv)While selecting the candidates observing the above procedure, if the number of eligible candidates for scholarship with identical achievement exceed the allotted number than the candidates with lower age shall be given preference.

6. a. (i) Soon after approval of the budget for the financial year, the Directorate of Sports & Youth Services will invite applications in the prescribed form in Annexure - A for that financial year from the eligible students through open advertisement in the important local daily news papers.

(ii) Applications for Scholarship received after the prescribed date are liable for rejection but in case there is a shortfall in number of eligible applicants, late applications may be taken into consideration.

b. The last date of receipt of applications shall be normally the end of October of the year. However, Government may extend the last date of receipt of applications as deemed necessary.

c. Directorate of Sports & Youth Services will prepare a list of applications received and submit the same along-with the applications before a Committee consisting of officials of Directorate and Government constituted by Government from time to time. The Committee will scrutinise the applications as per the Rules and submit detail recommendations to Government regarding eligible students for award of scholarship. Thereafter, the Committee will return all the applications to the custody of Directorate.

d. Government after considering the recommendation shall finally sanction the scholarship in favour of the selected students and the decision of the Government is final.

1.Mode of Payment :

(a) On receipt of Government sanction and Selection of Scholarship holder the Director shall disburse the Scholarship to these students in shape of Bank Draft through the concerned head of Institution.

(b) The Head of Institution shall collect the stamped money receipt from the recipients and submit the same to the Directorate within a month of the receipt of the Bank Draft.

2.Duration of Scholarship

The Scholarship awarded under these Rules shall be for a period of one financial year.

9.Discontinuation of the Scholarship:

The Scholarship awarded under these Rules shall be discontinued at any time, if the awardee is found to be indulging in any act of habitual irregularity, mis-behaviour or other indisciplinary conduct inside the educational institution or outside, or, if the information submitted in the application form is found to be false violating Rules.

Notwithstanding any thing contained in these Rules, Government in Sports & Youth Services Department shall have the power to relax, revise, alter or modify the provisions of any of these rules, except in case of financial implications.

(b) In case of financial implications while revising the rules of the scheme, clearance from Finance Department is to be obtained.

11.This supersedes the Resolution issued in this regard vide No: 9585/VCASP 30/81-C dt. 21-11-1981.

12. These Rules have been concurred in by the Finance Department in their OR No. 167/GS II dt. 3-4-2004.

Department : Sports & Youth Services
Introduced Date : 26/07/1997